Статья из газеты «Daily News»

Статья из газеты «Daily News»

Clever, handsome, a joker, a favorite of women, a sybarite and a philanthropist. He gained worldwide fame after, at the age of ten, in his father’s garage, from broken bottle glass, a piece of drainpipe, duct tape and a set of «Young Veterinarian», he assembled a telescope, with which, a week later, he discovered a planet in the constellation of Grouse, named it «Culo» and patented it. A year later, when the American Hubble telescope confirmed the presence of the planet, the world astronomical community raised money and bought the boy the right to rename the new planet to the more euphonious QS-04839 «Collizium» for one billion dollars.

But the real recognition and admiration of billions of people Dino found after 15 years. While on an expedition to Tanzania to study the reproduction of the butterfly «Nile blue-eye» (Orhopus) — in the presence of dozens of witnesses, he strangled a five-meter crocodile that attacked him with his bare hands.

The predator grabbed the young scientist by the leg while he was washing the legs of a butterfly and dragged him under the water in front of shocked colleagues and residents of a nearby village.

For five minutes, the brave man held the crocodile at the bottom, encasing it in a steel embrace, tightly wrapping his arms around the neck, while inflicting terrible blows with his knees. The water was boiling…

Soberly assessing the situation and realizing his mistake, the crocodile tried to get to the shore. With great difficulty, he succeeded, but the fight did not end. This was just the beginning of it…

For the next eight hours, Dino continued to squeeze the neck of his opponent, who continuously tried to escape and crawl away from sin into the murky waters of the Nile, but his attempts were in vain…

In the late afternoon, the crocodile stopped resisting. He was dead. The doctor of the group of scientists, Johan Meltke, later counted 27 bone fractures in the crocodile. Almost all of his teeth were knocked out. Dino had a bitten leg, a broken nose, six fingers on his hands, and two on his left foot. Exhausted, lying on the sand, he opened his mouth with difficulty and a rescued butterfly fluttered out…

«It was a worthy opponent» — said the winner, and then personally buried the crocodile, burying his body in the muddy bottom of the river, holding his breath for a good 8.5 minutes.

The life of this amazing man is full of amazing funny, as well as tragic stories about kindness, courage, courage, luck and human opportunities, of which you can count more than two hundred and in order to tell about them — not even a dozen books.

Journalist, writer, screenwriter, director, inventor, traveler. He is fluent in four foreign languages.

He had 12 happy marriages, in which 39 children were born. They are healthy, happy, and provided with everything by a loving father. Ex-wives are also happy, since they are kept by their husband, even if they are ex-wives. They even started a fan club named after their ex-husband.

He works a lot: writes articles, hosts a program on Italian TV, makes movies, develops a system for self-irrigation of grain crops during a drought, explores abandoned corners of the world, plays the cello and for the Sicilian national football team.

And, of course, he spends a lot of time and money on charity.

This is only a small part of what we were able to tell you about the incredible Italian…

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